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3000 T-Shirts on production
12 Cities Involved
7 Campanies
250K Investiment

Our crowdfunding campaign will soon be available on the Indiegogo portal.

Our Mission

  • Product Development

    We choose the products that are most widely used and easy for the end consumer.

  • Researches

    Plant breeding for species continuity and higher productivity. Search for new colors and special properties.

  • Partnerships

    We are looking for NGOs to support the ocean and river cleanup project.

  • Clean Production

    This project uses colored cotton, not requiring the dyeing step and consequently reducing the generation of effluents.


Planting begins for 2020 harvest scheduled for April and May.

Part of the proceeds from product sales goes to partner organizations that continually work on cleaning oceans and rivers. If you own or participate in an organization, please contact us to request your participation in the project.

It is very easy to help with the project, on the campaign website you can buy shirts of various models made of colored cotton. There will be two stages, the pre-sale and the main production.


Water Economy on Farm 29%
Water Economy on Industry 55%
Fiber Available 10Ton
Fiber to Produce 2020 80Ton